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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Arguing With Inner Moral Codes & Reading 'Doom Magnetic'

I received and read a much anticipated bizarro book by William Pauley III today(!). It's one of the weirdest things I've ever read. The characters are so charismatic and visual. He has a crazy imagination and everyone knows how I feel about crazy imaginations.

Another cool thing is on the inside page he wrote down all the songs he listened to while he wrote it (a whopping three weeks for the first draft- so jealous). Sound track is awesome. There are some bands I've never heard of before-- oing a boing or something like that.

Also decided to temporarily halt all edits on Devil's Eye. I'm being possessed by a novella I'm daring to call bizarro, although if it actually ends up in any genre field I'll be surprised. Of course, it'll be horror themed.

I'm curious (that is, if anyone at all ever reads this) does anyone else ever write their protagonist as having opposite values as themselves? It's almost as if you are arguing against yourself, your inner moral code. This novella will be very much that way.

And those are my thoughts for today.


  1. Bizarro novella, sounds like a Italian curio shop. I hope it doesn't make you lose momentum on DE, but on the other hand, a break can bring a new perspective.

    I'm trying to write MCs/protags who aren't just basically me, I think it's important to flesh out all characters with their own moral code and objectives and not just have lots of mini-me's running around and agreeing with each other.

  2. Italian curio shop, I like that. I'm so laughing at your mini-me comment. You're exactly right, Barry. It's just so weird making arguments against your own belief systems. And what's REALLY weird is when people comment and completely agree with the protag views. It's like wait- No! But you have to let the reader decide on their own.

    Thanks for commenting and joining up to the site.

  3. I see that book every time I look at The New Flesh...I should get that on my "to order" list, which is growing profusely long. LOL. Nice place to chat and hang out here, J.

  4. It is SO great, Mark. If you like Bowie music, the book will blow your mind. Bizarro to the extreme baby!

    Thanks for coming by to chat. ;-)

  5. <>

    really interesting question, Jodi... I actually never thought about that before. That said, I imagine I must have. One's frame of reference should be challenged now and again and what better way than through our characters, right?

  6. Absolutely, Ant. And I'm sure you probably have. All this pours out of us without us having to think much about it (thank you creative mind!).

    For me, it's easy to give an antagonist or a minor role player opposite values, but harder for my sympathetic m/c. Cheers to challenges!

    And thanks for swinging by, I have some serious blog catching up to this week. I still haven't read your friday flash or Erin's. Looking forward to it though.

  7. Hey, Jodi, great place here!

    I had a long think about your question and, yes, I do write main characters who have moral codes/beliefs opposite to mine.

    It's great to live on the wild side this way!

    Good luck with your novella.

  8. Awesome Marisa. It's our opposites that make us stronger and more open minded, not in just our writing life, but in everything. I like how you call it living on the wild side - yeah, baby!

  9. Hey Jodi, do you think there's a Star Man waiting in the sky?