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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Of Ant People and Of Middle Age-ry

Earlier this year, I was able to turn everything off and focus on finishing Devil’s Eye. This time around, (while I’m supposed to be editing, but am I? No. I’m frolicking around with horrid ant people and some kind of pied piper in a catsuit.) I feel like I can’t turn that switch off.

Is my will less strong? Do I have too many ideas? Do I talk to too many writers? Do I have ADD? Is there some kind of magic bean that I do not possess? Why is there a beanstalk growing out of this riverbed of unedited manuscripts? And why is there an ogre-ish thing with a fork crawling down it? Am I freak? And where the heck are my glasses !?!

(I’ll pay you $5 to say yes)

ps.Today is my birthday. This day always feels strange. Is this the year I'l be branded with MIDDLE AGE across my forehead? Tomorrow, I'll get over it. Time moves on. Life moves on. Young, vivacity is all in the mind, right? RIGHT? BTW- I'm 21. I would have said 18, but then I wouldn't be legal so...


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a lovely day:)
    And yes, absolutely I feel the way you do about half the time. There are days that I will write reams and reams and then days that I will tap about on my computer, checking emails, facebook, anything but actually sitting down and writing.

  2. Hi olive,
    Thank you for the birthday wishes. Lovely day? Well the sun is definitely shining, but then again, it's always shining here. Thank you for your reassurance of focus/nonfocus -what-the-heck-am-I-doingness. I guess we writers in order to be good at what we do, have to follow the muse.

    I think what bothers me the most, is that I'm good at tossing goals way out there in the water, then I'll swim out there at my own rate, then toss out another goal. This time, midswim, I'm already tossing out another goal beyond the goal I've already set, someone is splashing from behind me and I want to go back and play. Distracted.

  3. Jodi,
    First, Happy B-day!
    Second, yes! My desk is weeded with projects, of all stages, but the biggest weed of all...no, it is not in a baggie in the left, top drawer of my dresser, it is in a folder titled, Wicked Tempest. I had planned on having the first draft done before the 4th of July. Unless I'm possessed by a four week insomnia, that's not going to happen - I have only 20K. So, I'm pushing for the end of summer at least, but I have all these other short stories that beg my attention and I can't seem to ignore them. I think my muse needs a vacation.
    Good luck getting back on the wagon:)

  4. Well, you and I need to round up a couple a good horses and just go for it. Four week insomnia...I can lend you some of that, Erin (I'm plagued by insomnia!). Thanks for sharing with me, I guess all we writers share the same muse issues. I really enjoyed the excerpt from Wicked Tempest, so I hope you are able to get that draft done this summer.

    Thanks for the writerly love and birthday wishes. ;-)

  5. Oh wicked, happy birthday. I would have thought 18, not 21, you have such a youthful vitality, long may it last. Keep up with the messiness and send me my $5 - everything is a shambles here. I'm trying to write a serial for a zine, plus all these tumbling ideas for flash and I want to get on with the next novel which all just shambolic drafts and I'm in the middle of marking plus I keep playing on UDPS and that silly Twitter thing I did for you (where are you anyway?). Oh, and happy birthday. Or did I say that? Anyway, I feel like that everyday and I also want back my antpeople, 'cos it's like you've borrowed them and I'm stuck with this kind of talking spider thing that keeps tapping on my window. :-)
    ps, this is a "flash" comment.

  6. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jodi!! There's nothing wrong with you, Jodi. You're human. We have a saying in the newsroom: "The ultimate inspiration is the deadline..." Set a deadline. You'll get it done and if u wanna goof off, so be it, We have to keep our sanity... I wish I could unplug the way you did... I would never be able to do it. Ever.

  7. Exactly Sean! Exactly.
    *hands over imaginary $5*
    ps. I’ve got to keep the antpeople for now, but I’ll send the catsuited woman with the flute your way to call off the spider so you can get some work done. I was wondering how that serial was coming along. Ha and thank you for the birthday wishes and what you said about youthful…*hands over another imaginary $5 for the compliment* don’t tell anyone I paid you to say that.

    @Ant V- No one would know more than you about meeting a deadline. I like your inspiration quote. Deadlines / goofing off: I swear all of life is summed up by these two words. ;-) Thank you, buddy. And it was a Happy birthday.

  8. It's a common misconception that cabbages are a vegetable. If fact, they share more genetic ancestry with brachiating apes than cauliflowers, despite the visual similarities. As for advice, I think that you should stick with the two-pronged fork but keep it lathered with honey, that way you save money on cutlery but can still eat your peas.

  9. More resemblance to apes than cauliflower? I think you are pulling my leg, Barry. Of course, you are the one that turned into a werecabbage, so...

    And thank you for the honeyed fork advice, although I refuse to eat peas. Mainly due to the squish sound when one bites into it.

  10. I'm sorry I missed your birthday. I didn't know about this blog. :(

  11. Thank you for the birthday wishes, Carrie! And no worries, this is more a stumble upon site then send you here site (if that makes sense).

  12. I actually tripped over it and twisted my ankle...

    (and I regularly use it as a safe place to experiment with weird-ass comment writing)

  13. Well, I can't say much about the ankle except WATCH IT. And your weird BLEEP comment writing is much welcome here, my non puking friend.

  14. I was in my cocoon growing my tentacles on your birthday and freaking MISSED IT.

    So I will sing the traditional birthday song complete with the monkey verse...loudly and badly right now at midnight plus 30 minutes... and wake all of my neighbors. It's the least I can do.

    Oh and a Billy Crystal impression:
    "You look m a r v e l o u s, darling."

    but at 21? You're too young to remember that one.

  15. Yay! The monkey verse. And well, I'm not 21. I just *pretend* I'm 21 every year. HA. I'm in my 30's. No spring chicka. AND I DO remember the Billy Crystal impression- ;-D ;-D