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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jodi vs Texas MadLib Style With Photos


Most of you know I'm off the net for the next few weeks to finish my novella, Xscents                                         --------------->

Mari Juniper, Sam Adamson, Margo and I have been talking about spiders, scorpions, roaches, and lizards of TX. I have a couple pics I've taken here and there I thought I would share. Not for the squeamish. There is splattage here. This is almost like madlibs, so please bear with me!

Lightning storms like this:
(Yes, that's lightning, I took this when it was dark!)

is the reason these come out:

and I have to gather my weapons...

and, well, you know.


Look at those legs! This sucker was huge and trying to get in the front door. Hello! Not on my watch.

 Not all of them die.

I like this critter, it's a Horny Toad Lizard.

I wonder if they really eat toads?

And you guys remember the 6inch lizard I found in my pants? AFTER I put them on.

I named him Timothy,
and set him free.

It can get scary sometimes.

And one gets impatient

and has to put their foot down


And tell those critters where they belong

See that hollow in that
oak? That looks like a
cozy home for a critter.

These little air plant fungi things live
on oak trees, they blow off all the time.

When it

 I like to write (in my ac/dc shirt)

Everything turns

And I wonder if that's how they grow 55,00,0000 lbs of these:

And I start finding these in my popcorn

He's a stray. I'm calling him Charlie.
I think he's keeper. What do you think?

Sometimes Texas seems really lame

And I feel like I don't belong

This is another stray that's living with me. I've named
her pickles. She's deaf and blind in one eye. Sweet dog,
but also a tad aggressive. She and my Hagsy don't
get along very well, so I need to find her somewhere
else to shack up. Cute, huh?

But Hagsy reassures me all is well.

(Hagsy is my lab. And she ate all my garden squash
And then she ate the plant. Even the roots! That's
why she looks so pleased with herself.)

Days like these remind me I'm as free as a bird

Maybe Texas isn't so bad. ;-)

Hope you enjoyed the photos! See you all on the other side!

Disclaimer: All these photos are mine, I've taken them with my very own camera using my very own fingers (except the pic of me in the dress, sis did that), and have not stolen from the interwebs, except the one with the sword, that was from a "paste your face in here and be a pirate --arrrrr!" site.


  1. Cute post Jodi. Good luck with your novella. :D

  2. Nice pics. Cute puppy. Have a good one!

  3. Aw, this was a great glimpse into your life, Jodi! Is that Galveston? It can be awfully pretty, no?
    Have a good break from the noise. I'm sure you'll go gangbusters on that bad boy.

  4. Great post ... cute dogs.

    They make me miss mine ;(

    And man, those bugs!!! I'd die of I saw one of those. You are one brave chick!


  5. OMJ, this is just an amazing post. It's so "what happens next?", so frightful and logical. I love the knife lying on the remains on the floor. Criminy. Love that you've used only your own pix too. Have a great break/work/break.

    Loved Wildcard too.

  6. you are a crazy woman no doubt, is this what Texas does to people?

  7. Look at these bugs! OOoooohhhh! :-o

    Swing your sword on them you pirate woman! Arrr! heh

    Charlie is a cute wonderful thing Jodi. I'd keep him if I could, but bear in mind that this little fellow might grow into a large and troublesome dog if you don't insert him well in your pack. Does he get along well with Pickles and Hagsy? (fantastic names btw, haha!)

    Sorry for the excessive dog advice, I've been watching too much of "Dog Whisperer" I think, lol.

    Is that giant peanut real? I mean, for real?

  8. Very nice photo compilation, Jodi. Though I've heard enough about bugs from you to never want to visit Texas. I would have thought the damp conditions of the Pacific Northwest would have created bigger bugs. Guess Texas wins...

  9. C'mon Anthony, like they don't have roaches in Jersey! Very cool JoJo, Charlie looks like a keeper and blue eyed Pickles looks like one too. Thanks for the peeks and good luck with Xscents!

  10. So glad you enjoyed the pics everyone. Novel didn't go as planned due to rotting walls and windows needing to be replaced, and basically everything else one can think of that can distract from writing time. Still wrote everyday, just not as much as I planned.

    Carrie & David-- Thanks! Charlie is twice that size now. So cute. Cutting puppy teeth- not so cute.

    Margo- Someones going gangbusters, but there's no bad boy involved.

    Sean- Criminiy! Thanks, Sean. (haha about OMJ). Glad you liked the story/madlib theme too. Wildcard? What's that. ;-P

    Mike S. I was craz before Texas!

    Mari- Thanks girl! You can borrow the pirate sword anytime you wish.Good thoughts on integrating Charlie. Pickles (the blue eyed dog) is not a normal dog per say. She was dehydrated when she came here, and I think it messed with her thinking, being deaf doesn't help. I think she needs to be a one dog family. Hagsy and Charlie get along fine though. ps. I wonder about the peanut myself. Its either coated with something really strong, or its just something show off how many peanuts are produced. Too hot to get out of the car, plus the factory workers were looking at me funny. ;-D

    Alan- PNW does have alot of critters, but nothing the SIZE TX has. The large roaches are of a tropical variety. Water roaches they call them. Supposedly, the small roaches are the invasive kind that you have to worry about, and I haven't seen many of those, but the big ones freak me out. You can actually hear them scuttle about like a mouse. Ugh! The scorpions and giant spiders aren't my cup of tea either.

    Harry! So good to see you. Glad you enjoyed the pics. The doggies are so cute, but there's no way i can keep up with all three. Thanks for the good luck. Phew! I need it.

  11. Jodi, I love the photos! Even the bugs! They made me homesick for some of the places I lived in Southern California. Talk about "water bugs"...the things that ran amok in our house in Pomona were more like OCEAN BUGS. Scared the crap out of me. We had a few encounters with tarantulas, too. And lots of horned toads. They were fascinating. They could spit something that looked like blood out of their eyes. Ah, yes...the good old days.

    Anyhoo, I'm so glad I finally discovered your blog. It's very entertaining. And thanks so much for being a frequent visitor to mine.